About Fred North

Fred North was born and raised in the Lloydminster area on a small farm south of Blackfoot.  He has spent all of his life working in the area, mostly in the oilfield hauling business.  The City of Lloydminster is on the Alberta and Saskatchewan border.  Fred continues to reside in the same area today and is a successful businessman. 

In 2007 Fred decided it was time to look at a formal method to be able to give back to the community and less fortunate.  With the help of Aaron Davison, Scott Pfeifer and Chris Keown, his business associates in Ventures North Financial Group Inc., Fred began laying the footwork for a Charitable Foundation.  The basis was to, each year, have a share of the profits from Fred's businesses go to the Charitable Foundation and for the businesses to keep running well into the future.  With a share of the profits from these businesses going into the Charitable Foundation, this could help others for many years and possibly generations to come. 

That Charitable Foundation is today known as the Fred North Charitable Foundation.

Fred has worked in the oilfield hauling business for over 45 years.  He started driving as an employee for a company in 1968.  Six years later he bought his first tractor truck and became a subcontractor to Temor Oil Services (1974) Ltd.  Fred continued working as a subcontractor for Temor Oil Services (1974) Ltd. until he bought the company in 1990. When Fred bought the company it was operating 32 trucks for oil hauling purposes.  With the help of a great group of employees and subcontractors the company continued to prosper and grow.  Fred sold the company in 2002.  At the time of the sale the company was operating 149 trucks.  In 2003 Fred purchased T "N" T Tank & Trailer Repair Ltd., a company that sells, services and rents trailers.  Fred continues to operate that company to this day and has ownership in other businesses such as Ventures North Financial Group Inc.

Fred has a passion for antique items.  Particularly antique tractors, automobiles and various other memorabilia.  Along with his antiques, Fred likes to plant a garden each year and grow various fruits and vegetables.  Fred likes the outdoors and nature and a garden goes hand in hand with this.

Fred has an extremely hard work ethic which has allowed him to be successful.  In turn, this success has brought him the opportunity to be able to give to communities and various organizations.  As noted above, Fred has specifically set up the Fred North Charitable Foundation with the intent that this can continue well into the future.